FAQ and Contact

Your Voice Counts is a platform of communication tools used to have conversations and to share information with staff, service users, members and partners. It’s a programme run by our Trust’s organisational development team under the stewardship of our executive team. For further questions about Your Voice Counts feel free to contact Tracey Needham at the Trust.

How are our online conversations facilitated?

Each of our online conversation is either facilitated by an independent organisation called Clever Together who will be analysing all your contributions, or a team they have trained inside our Trust who cannot access any details about who said what.

In order to facilitate the conversation, the facilitation team needs to merge some ideas that have similar content. When two ideas are merged, all votes and comments are transferred to the new idea.

Also, the title of some ideas might be reworded to better capture the essence of that idea.

In both cases, the system sends an automatic email to inform the author of the idea of the changes.

Who can I contact about our online conversation?

If you need any further information or have specific questions please email: yourvoicecounts@clevertogether.com.

Who can I contact if I am having difficulty?

The platform is provided by our strategic partner, Clever Together. If you’re having difficulty using the platform, or experience any problems, please email them directly support@clevertogether.com and they will be delighted to help.

Are our online conversations really anonymous?

Your contributions are shared anonymously. This means your information will not be shown next to any of your ideas, comments or votes. Consequently, your ideas will be treated by other participants based on their merit, not based on who you are. If your idea is supported by lots of people, you may be contacted via email and invited to personally support its development or implementation. This email will be automatically generated via the system, no-one will know who the system is emailing in this regard unless you choose to come forward. If, however, you submit personal, abusive or offensive content, we can identify you. We will only do this following a formal warning.

Warnings will not be used for uncomfortable or controversial ideas. We use an independent external agency called Clever Together to facilitate this process.

What will happen with the information we share in Your Voice Counts? What are you doing as a result?

We believe that your views are essential to tackling challenges in an effective way we will use your contributions to shape the future direction of our Trust.